Welcome to the Estimated Delivery Demo page

Estimated Delivery Demo page

Here we will try to highlight some of the Front Office features of the module.

The first two blocks you will find are pre-configured products to display some highlights of the module. Enter each of them to see the different results. Feel free to check them and compare the different functionalities and display modes for the module.

You can also use the top menu to check some prepared views to highlight some of the category view features.

If you want to "play" with the module settings you can use the back office and check the section called REGULAR DEMO PRODUCTS, this will allow you to test any of the module configurations, display methods and features.

To test other features from the module, try to place an order and see the ED throughout all the process (and even on the emails received!)

Any doubts? Feel free to contact us through the Addons Marketplace if you have any question about a feature or a module configuration setting. We will gladly assess you with the best of our abilities.